Welcome to our new site!


Steven and I sat down to design our first website in 2010, when we started IHEART FILMS.  It was easy and we loved what we created. However, we  quickly outgrew it and were done with it by 2012, and then we just kinda dealt with it.  Five years of  "ugggh, I hate our website!" Five years of "our logo needs to be re-done." First we tried to redo it ourselves, but we just couldn’t pull it together. We were constantly showing our fellow vendor friends ideas and getting opinions. I am sure I drove a few of them crazy.  Nothing felt right. Eventually we stumbled upon Leslie Vega Design. Here we are. We have a brand new logo. A brand new website. A brand new look! We couldn’t be happier. Leslie had a hard task. She had to make both Steven and I happy. We are two completely different people, with different style and tastes. But, she did it. Thank you Leslie, you are the best! If you are looking for a new look, logo, or website, Leslie is beyond amazing!